Occupational Health Services

Occupational Health Services

Occupational Health Services

As a workplace health resource, we specialize in medical services for a wide range of businesses and industries of all sizes.

Pro-Health offers licensed and certified services including injury assessment, treatment, and management.

Department of Transportation (DOT) and pre-employment physicals, alcohol and drug testing , as well as onsite health and wellness promotion are offered at Pro-Health.

Pro-Health partners with companies to understand their unique industry needs and builds a solution that puts their employees first. Our goal is to help companies keep their employees safe, healthy, and productive.

Please contact one of our locations nearest you for a completed list of services and prices.

DOT Physicals – $90

Urinalysis – $10

Alcohol Breathalyzer – $60

Tuberculosis Test – $40

Tetanus Vaccine – $50

In-House 10-Panel Drug Screen – $50

Injury Without X-Ray of Laceration Treatment – $85

Injury With 1 X-Ray, 1 injection, eye injury – $130

Injury With Laceration Treatment Or 2+ X-Ray – $195

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